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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From our Shop: Pennsbury Peacocks

One of this week's featured designs is a muti-colored embroidered peacock that resembles the peacocks found at Pennsbury Manor, the historic home of William Penn. Peacocks and the other period livestock that reside at Pennsbury Manor are an integral part of the site's Colonial Farm.

One of the many peacocks that roam this historic site is named Sir William "Pea."

For more information about how Wish Designs, Inc.'s custom designs and manufactures creative products to represent your organization, visit our website at To find out more about Pennsbury Manor, go to

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Website

We are proud to launch our brand-new website, This website not only provides information about our business and history, it also showcases our custom-designed products and product lines. Do you know that we design Door Art that can be mounted on any door in your house? Have you ever seen the chair we designed for Martin Guitar? Check out how we combine screen printing and embroidery on unique apparel. Learn about how we began and meet us today at

From our Shop: Wind Cave Hat

This week we have been working on a new embroidered design for Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota. Wind Cave is one of the world's longest and complex caves. The park is known for a variety of native species including elk, featured here in this Wish Designs, Inc. design. For more information about Wish Designs, Inc.'s custom design and manufacturing, visit our new website at For more on Wind Cave National Park go to

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make an Impression with Wish Designs, Inc.

Impressions matter. Wish Designs Inc. makes your impression last. Wear your image. Illuminate your storefront. Advertise your business. Represent your company or organization. Display your products. Promote your team. Create a unique logo. Make a lasting impression with Wish Designs, Inc.

Wish Designs, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing distinctive and unique products since 1987. We specialize in screen printed and embroidered apparel, signs, graphic design, displays, door art, advertising specialty items, and furniture .

For over 20 years, Wish Designs, Inc. has served distinguished clients with premier design and manufacturing services. Our office, design center, and production facilities are located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Our products directly represent those who wear, display, or use them. It is our main objective to produce high quality and creative items that will represent and serve you, our client, in an outstanding and distinguished manor.

We may each be one person, but at Wish Designs, Inc., our entire team works together to create unique and lasting impressions in thread, ink, fabric, metal, paper and wood.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One Wish: About Wish Designs, Inc.

Wish Designs, Inc. began as Elaine Caltabiano/Schneider's wish. She broke a wishbone and made a wish to start her own business while raising her young family. Over twenty years have passed proving that some wishes do come true. Today, Wish Designs, Inc. is a premier design and manufacturing company that provides design and product development services to a distinguished national client base. Wish Designs, Inc. has grown to design and manufacture unique and high quality screen printed and embroidered apparel, signs, graphic design, displays, door art, advertising specialty items, and furniture .

Elaine Caltabiano/Schneider is the Founder and President of Wish Designs, Inc. She manages the design and production of the company's screen printed and embroidered apparel. Before starting her own business, Elaine was a high school art teacher. She graduated from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania with a degree in Art Education. She is an active Rotarian and served as Founder and President of Lehigh Valley East Rotary Club 2008-2009.

Fred Schneider: is the Vice President of Wish Designs, Inc. and a highly skilled graphic artist and designer. After working in advertising and marketing, Fred joined Elaine to expand their family business and to develop new product lines including signs, furniture, displays, Door Art, and advertising specialty products. Fred graduated from Kutztown University in Pennsylvania with a Fine Arts degree. His personal interests include gourmet and international cuisine and enjoying the great outdoors.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Wish Designs, Inc. Online

Welcome to Wish Designs, Inc.'s interactive blog, one of Wish Designs Inc.'s online efforts to better connect you to our work, custom designs, and unique products. On this site we will describe who we are, showcase featured designs and recent work, and give you an inside look into our Nazareth production facility and design center. Check back for weekly updates.