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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If It's in Our Forest, It's in Our Gift Store!

Do you know what's great about the San Bernardino National Forest Association? They work tirelessly to protect and preserve one of our most beloved National forests. We love working with them because they say "if it's in our forests, it's in our gift stores." Their gift stores are the perfect home for custom-designed Wish Designs apparal. They feature unique, educational, unusual, nature-inspired product lines. We design to accurately and artistically represent the forests' unique landscape, flora and fauna so that when you shop for a t-shirt or sweatshirt, you bring home a piece of the forests' essence.
Located in Southern California, San Bernardino National Forest welcomes more visitors each year than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. While the number of visitors to US national parks has nearly doubled in the last 5 years, funding for the National Forest has decreased. The National Forest Association works to fill that gap. It runs conservation and education programs to promote respect for the forest, stewardship, and forest-related fun.

Support their efforts by visiting the San Bernardino National Forest, volunteering for the Forest Association, making a donation, or shopping in their gift stores. And be sure to look for Wish Designs screen printing and embroidery when you're there. To learn more about how you can help to protect and preserve San Bernardino National Forest, visit

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