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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Designing for Lowell

Wish Designs custom-designs hats and outerwear for the Lowell Historical Park gift shop. These designs connect us not only with an important era in US history, but also with an important element of our own business history-- the rich history of American enterprise, manufacturing, and textile production.

We have a deep appreciation for Lowell, Massachusetts and its long history and leading role in the American Industrial Revolution. As a manufacturing company that works in textiles, we cannot help but look back at the history of textile manufacturing in the US without thinking of Lowell.

Lowell, a city an hour Northwest of Boston was once known as the "Venice of the United States." It was the first large-scale industrial city in American history, a hub of the US textile industry and the American Industrial Revolution. In the 19th Century, Lowell's industry was powered by the Merrimack River and the hands and hard work of US immigrants working in textile mills.

In 1978 the US National Park Service commemorated Lowell's leading role it the American Industrial Revolution by opening the Lowell Historical Park. The park features 5.6 miles of canals that can be explored on foot, by tour boat, or aboard a historic trolley. On the next trip to Massachusetts, be sure to visit Lowell and relive an important era in American history. For more information on the park, tours and events, visit the Park Website.

Wish Designs custom designs embroidery and screen printing for the National Park Service, museums, and historic places across the US. For more information on how we can serve your custom design needs, visit our website.

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